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An industry for the future of Bahrain

The FinTech industry in Bahrain is booming, and growth is projected to continue for years to come. Several factors working in tandem have led to the development of this unprecedented landscape of opportunity for local and international companies, including our regulatory sandbox, crowdfunding support, and an exceptional local test market. As the FinTech market continues to grow, so does the opportunity for women in FinTech.


People employed by the financial services industry as of 2016, with a 59% Bahrainisation rate, according to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority.


Percentage of the total Bahraini workforce made up of female employees in financial services industries. Women also comprise 33.2% of the Bahraini managerial positions in the Financial Sector in 2018, according to the Central Bank of Bahrain.

Nearly 70%

of female business and STEM university students in Bahrain are interested in pursuing a career in the FinTech industry, according to the 2018 Bahrain FinTech Talent Report.

Supporting women in FinTech and promoting industry growth

Women play a key role growing the financial and technology sectors in Bahrain, and many more women are anticipated to enter the industry in the near future.

Women in FinTech Bahrain (WIFBH) was formed in 2018 to serve and support women in the FinTech sector and to promote growth within the industry. Its goals include promoting diversity and inclusion in business, education, entrepreneurship, innovation, raising awareness among the FinTech community, opening the door to career opportunities in finance and technology both locally and globally, and more.

“Internationally, and also in Bahrain, we are undergoing great technological transformations. As part of that, there’s going to be great disruption to industries. Economies are going to be uprooted in many different sectors and industries, and FinTech is one of them.”

Hadyah Fathalla, Executive Director
C5 Accelerate

Learn more about how Women in FinTech Bahrain is helping to advance the industry.

“FinTech is a fast-paced, growing industry. Bahrain has taken a lot of initiatives to help grow this ecosystem … women shouldn’t be left out of the conversation and we actually have a very critical role to play.”

Buthaina Amin, Director of Legal Affairs,
Bahrain Economic Development Board

WIFBH Board Member

Our Mission and Goals

FinTech—short for “Financial Technology”—encompasses the development of technology and innovation that support banking and financial services. Women in FinTech Bahrain exists to advance this rapidly evolving industry through:

  • Growth

Encourage and support women’s involvement and development in the FinTech landscape

Explore any up-skilling opportunities to generate a higher level of impact both in Bahrain and abroad

  • Awareness

Raise awareness among the FinTech ecosystem and opportunities available in FinTech locally, regionally, and internationally

  • Ties

Create cross-regional and global networks to strengthen ties, increase cooperation, and exchange experience and expertise within FinTech

Our Members

Dalal Buhejji



(Economic Development Board)

Hadya Fathalla

Strategy Implementation Director



Buthaina Amin

Contracting Director


(Economic Development Board)

Dalia Al Sadiqi

Project Director


(Economic Development Board)

Fatema Ebrahim

PR & Communication Director


(Andra Public Relations & Corporate Communications)

Ameera Mohamed



(Bahrain FinTech Bay)

Rose Murad



(Bahrain FinTech Bay)

Samah Hasan



(VIVA Bahrain)

Huda Hassan Ali



(Citi Bank)

Shanthini Raja



(Rsquare Technologies)

Wajeeha Awadh



(Al Baraka)

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Women in FinTech Bahrain

Membership Criteria

Women in FinTech Bahrain is open to professionals undertaking business activity within the sphere of FinTech, including:

Individuals founding FinTech businesses and/or startups

Individuals forming part of any accelerator or incubator focused on FinTech

Individuals focused on legislative and regulatory developments in FinTech

Individuals pursuing higher level FinTech academic programs with accredited institutions

Apply to WIFBH here or contact us

Please use the form bellow to upload your application. If you have a question, please click on “Contact us” tab to send a message.

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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
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Women in FinTech Bahrain in action