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Your privacy is important to The Economic Development Board of Bahrain. This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that the Economic Development Board of Bahrain collects, and the ways in which the Economic Development Board of Bahrain uses that personal information.

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Economic Vision 2030

About EDB Bahrain

The Economic Development Board of Bahrain is the first port of call for any business setting up in Bahrain, and our dedicated team has the deep expertise, knowledge and resources to get companies off the ground.

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Business opportunities

Bahrain's business environment is constantly evolving for the better, through the simplification of processes, billions of dollars invested into infrastructure and real estate, and improved regulatory initiatives. Within this environment, the EDB also focuses on target sectors to drive investment based on areas of opportunity identified by economic markers.

Business resources

Tourism real estate

Given Bahrain’s USD 32-billion infrastructure and project pipeline, the real estate sector is a key driver of economic growth, with many projects in development.

Proven track record

Bahrain has done more than other regional hubs to create the conditions in which business can flourish and succeed in these markets, with a long history of diversification and a progressive outlook for the future.

Bahrain at a glance

An archipelago made up of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain offers valuable opportunities for businesses and the best market access to growing Gulf economies and beyond.

Investing advantages

Pursue commercial opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, operate freely and enjoy a relaxed, liberal way of life that is rich and fulfilling in Bahrain.

Information & communications technology

Major global ICT companies choose Bahrain because it has the most liberal ICT infrastructure in the Middle East and some of the world’s highest mobile, internet and broadband penetration, diffusion and usage rates.

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