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Bahrain is a regional pioneer in the metals industry, home to both the world’s largest aluminium single site smelter and the world’s first fully integrated steel manufacturing facility.

Information & communications technology

Major global ICT companies choose Bahrain because it has the most liberal ICT infrastructure in the Middle East and some of the world’s highest mobile, internet and broadband penetration, diffusion and usage rates.

Islamic Finance

Whether you are an early stage FinTech venture or a well-established financial institution, in Bahrain you will benefit from an advanced environment with unparalleled Islamic finance expertise.

Success stories

Bahrain is home to many entrepreneurs and businesses that have worked with the EDB to successfully establish their base of operations.

One of Gulf’s freest economies

Bahrain is recognised as one of the most liberal business environments in the world, and is ranked second globally in tax burden freedom. As such, businesses are able to operate with minimal red-tape, and with little to no restrictions on foreign ownership.

Gateway to the Middle East

At the heart of the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain puts you in a unique position to export directly across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the surrounding region and the Arab world.

Frequently asked questions

Speak with our team

Our team is here to give you what you need to ensure that your experience in Bahrain is a smooth and successful one. With offices around the world, we are accessible no matter your time zone.


Financial services

Bahrain offers opportunities across all major aspects of finance, from banking and asset & wealth management, to FinTech, insurance and Islamic finance. Welcome to Business Friendly Bahrain.

An empowered workforce

Choosing to grow your business in Bahrain means having access to a robust talent pool, financial support through government funds, competitive employment costs and more.


Bahrain is the ideal base for many reasons, and the proof is in the numbers. The software market here is expected to grow at a faster rate than the ICT industry average (a CAGR of 11.8%), reaching USD 246 million by 2020.

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