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Setting up in Bahrain

Your success is our success. You’ll find that establishing a business in Bahrain is a seamless, supportive process—and EDB Bahrain is here to assist, connect and support you at every step of the way.

Bahrain at a glance

An archipelago made up of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain offers valuable opportunities for businesses and the best market access to growing Gulf economies and beyond.

Start-up Bahrain

As the GCC’s most tech-savvy nation—with an ICT market growing faster than anywhere in the rest of the Gulf—Bahrain fosters the ideal environment for start-ups and innovative ventures.

About EDB Bahrain

The Economic Development Board of Bahrain is the first port of call for any business setting up in Bahrain, and our dedicated team has the deep expertise, knowledge and resources to get companies off the ground.

Privacy Policy

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Frequently asked questions

Highly competitive offering

Doing business in Bahrain is, on average, 30% less than in other GCC hubs, and is even up to 40% lower than in Qatar and Dubai. Not only this, but the cost of living in Bahrain is also significantly lower than in the rest of the Gulf, making life easier and more fulfilling.


Bahrain offers a powerful proposition for the transport and logistics sector, positioned as a gateway to the region offering modern infrastructure, competitive costs, strong human capital and an evolving regulatory environment.

Proven track record

Bahrain has done more than other regional hubs to create the conditions in which business can flourish and succeed in these markets, with a long history of diversification and a progressive outlook for the future.


Bahrain is a regional pioneer in the metals industry, home to both the world’s largest aluminium single site smelter and the world’s first fully integrated steel manufacturing facility.

Industrial services

As an industrial service provider, Bahrain offers attractive business opportunities across several key sectors from oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities and critical infrastructure.  It's developed infrastructure, availability of technical skills, and cost-effectiveness, makes it an ideal hub for industrial services companies.

Business services outsourcing

Companies outsource business functions to improve their cost structure, focus on core competencies, operate faster or manage growth. Set up your BPO business in Bahrain to gain ready access to organisations looking for these advantages across the GCC and MENA region.

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