A commitment to Bahrain’s future growth

A future that’s more profitable for you

Thanks to Bahrain’s long-term economic vision, a deliberate blend of prudence and imagination has created sustained, controlled growth with low inflation and price stability.

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Embracing an outlook of opportunity

National development rests on the guiding principles of sustainability, competitiveness, and fairness. The National Development Strategy is Bahrain’s action-plan making this into a reality.

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Arab Oil Exporters (Source: International Monetary Fund)

Arab Oil Exporters (Source: International Monetary Fund)

The smart approach to diversity

As the first Gulf state to move away from dependence on oil, Bahrain has become the region’s most diversified economy. In particular, our country has become the region’s leading financial centre since the 1980s.

A clear roadmap for quality and prosperity

Bahrain has wisely tended to its economic growth, ensuring that expansion remains sustainable. A more prudent path of reform means investing in the future, and not simply trading opportunistically in the present.

Bahrain’s innovative financial hub attracts capital from across the region and accounts for over 15% of the economy.

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A few highlights of EDB-backed diversification policies and initiatives


Empowering trade policies and practices

One of the first actions taken by the EDB was to reduce customs duties in order to support the economic exchange between Bahrain and key trade partners.


Liberalisation of the telecommunications sector

Bahrain’s ICT sector is now one of the most competitive and dynamic clusters in the region. Revenues grew at a compound annual growth rate of 41.5% between 2003 and 2012.


Supervising all tendering related to the public sector

The Bahrain Tender Board ensures transparency, fairness and equal opportunities across all public sector and government transactions.


Managing non-oil assets to increase diversity of revenues

The Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company was established to boost the efficiency with which Bahrain’s non-oil national wealth is administered.

Bahrain concentrates on sectors that flow from our natural advantages

If you operate in the following sectors of focus, we offer clear opportunities to outperform your competitors, just like the major companies who already operate here.

Financial services



Tourism & leisure