The proof is in the numbers

Do business the smart way in Bahrain. We’ve broken down the cost of operations compared the total costs with those in Qatar and Dubai, and Bahrain provides a clear competitive advantage.

Cost of operations

for an office size of 300sqm and 20 employees (US$ ‘000s)


US$ 249,315


US$ 428,150


US$ 434,090

Doing business in Bahrain costs approximately 40% less than in Qatar and Dubai.

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A catalyst for change in Bahrain

With a track record of pioneering under its belt, Bahrain continues to move forward with policies and reforms that empower businesses and industries to establish themselves and grow.

Industrial policy

Addresses the need to create a culture of innovation, attract technology and build local productive capacity to align with the needs of the 21st Century.

Mumtalakat holding company

Boosts the efficiency with which Bahrain’s non-oil national wealth is administered and enhances transparency in financial matters.

Commercial law reforms

Improves judicial dispute resolution and efficiency of civil and commercial courts and judicial procedures, in tandem with the Ministry of Justice.

Bahrain financial exchange (BFX)

The inclusion of cash instruments and derivatives in multiple asset classes including currencies, commodities and stocks.

Limited partnership law

Enhances acceptable company structures in Bahrain, including a private investment and collective investment undertaking.

Company law

Reduces restrictions on foreign investors, including the minimum capital required for establishment.

A robust regulatory framework

Bahrain offers an attractive regulatory environment with governance standards that deliver exceptional stability. Regulation is clear, simple and transparent—and never for its own sake.

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An economy that’s truly free

Bahrain is recognised as one of the most liberal business environments in the world, and is ranked second globally in tax burden freedom. The government’s commitment to minimal bureaucracy is also a valuable asset.

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