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Among many other benefits, Bahrain has a tried-and-tested legal and regulatory environment, which investors can trust to protect their interests in a fair, open and transparent manner. Furthermore, we have a liberalised labour market, and the lowest taxes in the GCC.

Global rankings (Index of Economic Freedom 2017)

Quick facts

  • 1.39mn

    Population of Bahrain in 2016

  • $64.8bn

    GDP at purchasing power parity

  • 3.7%

    5-year GDP CAGR

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  • 2nd

    in tax burdens, ranked globally

Global rankings (Index of Economic Freedom 2017)

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A trusted regulatory framework

While insurance assets have grown at a CAGR of over 10% in the last five years, domestic credit has grown by almost 20% in the same amount of time.

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BD bn, Source: Central Bank of Bahrain

BD bn, Source: Central Bank of Bahrain

Bahrain makes business sense

Truly business friendly

Bahrain’s low commercial costs are among the most favourable in the Gulf, while operating costs are up to 40% less than in neighbouring hubs.

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A future to look forward to

Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 has created sustained controlled growth, with low inflation and consistent prices.

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