The best market access to growing Gulf economies

Bahrain is about more than just the Bahraini market. It’s also the natural gateway to the Gulf, with particularly favourable access to Saudi Arabia, the region’s single largest market and economy.

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The region’s most convenient and attractive gateway

With its ideal location and well-understood reputation for cultural neutrality, Bahrain is the perfect hub for operations in the GCC countries, broader Middle East and North Africa.


flight to GCC hubs


Easiest and most direct access to the rest of the Gulf

30 minute

drive to KSA

30 minute

Easiest direct access to Saudi Arabia, the region’s largest economy

Millions of people

Bahrain’s central Gulf location and superb links to the rest of MENA place your enterprise at the heart of the action.

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Connect faster and more efficiently to the region

Bahrain’s transport links are so versatile that you can reach every country in the GCC quickly and conveniently by road, air or sea. Saudi Arabia’s industrial powerhouse, the Eastern Province, is just a 30-minute drive across the 25km King Fahd Causeway (shown here), and the whole of the Middle East is easily accessible by air or by road.

A convenient base of operations

Bahrain’s position and connectivity make it an ideal place to start a business in a number of promising sectors.


An excellent location from which to meet growing demand across the region

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Streamlined customs procedures ensure that less time is spent waiting for clearance.

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Tourism & leisure

Direct access to 36 million consumers across the GCC’s US $1.6-trillion market

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The global Islamic finance centre

Whether you are an early stage FinTech venture or a well-established financial institution, in Bahrain you will benefit from an advanced environment with unparalleled Islamic finance expertise.

Benefit from Bahrain’s prominence

More than 30 countries have looked to Bahrain for help and guidance in setting up their own Islamic financial structures and regulations.

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An exceptionally developed market

Bahrain is home to the region’s largest concentration of Islamic finance institutions that deal in almost every area of Islamic finance.

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The EDB makes it quick and straightforward to set up and operate in Bahrain.

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