Bahrain at a glance

A nation made up of 33 islands, Bahrain lies in the heart of the Arabian Gulf with strategic access to the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and every market in the Middle East. A thriving multi-cultural hub with a diverse and open society, Bahrain also has a rich history of commercial trade that spans over 4,000 years.

Over 4 million people
within a 24 hr drive


Expected GDP of the GCC by the year 2020 (Source: Economist Intelligence Unit, The GCC in 2020: Outlook for the Gulf and the Global Economy, March 2009)

Key sectors

EDB focuses on several economic sectors that capitalise on Bahrain’s competitive advantages

Financial services



Tourism & leisure



Gateway to the Middle East and Asia

Bahrain’s central Gulf location and superb links to the rest of the Middle East place your company at the heart of the action, with rapid access by road, sea and air.

Get the access you need

Being nearer to export markets saves time and money. GCC cities are all within a one-hour flight, while Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province is just a half-hour drive across the 25km King Fahd Causeway.

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Trade more effectively

Our airport, seaport and processing zones provide the shortest possible transit. If you are shipping by sea from Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Bahrain offers the fastest clearance time in the GCC.

See how transit times aid logistics

An empowered workforce

Bahrain provides the human capital your business needs to thrive. Young, motivated and growing in number by around 3% per year, our people are ready and willing to join your enterprise and help to propel you towards your goals. Bahrain’s private sector is unique in the region in choosing to draw the majority of its workforce from talented nationals.

Exceptional ability

Backed by Tamkeen’s continued support of salary subsidies, training and financing grants, the quality of Bahrain’s workforce is one of the best in the region.

Highly qualified population

Academic achievement is central to growing up in Bahrain, with 78% of graduates going on to earn a degree at local universities and polytechnics.

Deepest talent pool in the GCC

Gender equality offers access to the largest talent resource in the GCC. Companies draw on the talents of numerous highly educated, motivated women.

A proven track record

Bahrain has always been a regional pioneer, with a constant drive for further improvements.

A catalyst for change in the Gulf region

The first country to start an economic diversification strategy (1960), establish a banking sector (1970) and sign an FTA with the USA (2006).

Our history of diversification

Sustainable economic principles

Bahrain’s democratic reforms, privatisation programmes and liberalisation of sectors such as telecommunications pave the way for a sustainable economy.

Lower costs and ease of doing business

Operation costs in Bahrain are relatively low: doing business here is approximately 40% cheaper than in Qatar and Dubai, but comes with the same advantages. Ongoing reforms have made Bahrain the freest economy in the Middle East for 20 consecutive years – companies operate freely, with little red-tape.

Cost of operations

for a financial services firm with an office size of 300sqm and 7 employees (US$). Source: Cost of doing business in Bahrain, KPMG report 2016. Download the report.


US$ 249, 315


US$ 428, 150


US$ 434, 090

Doing business in Bahrain costs approximately 40% less than in Qatar and 30% less than in Dubai.

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