The most efficient and connected logistics base in the GCC

Bahrain enables efficient and connected logistics to the GCC, Middle East and beyond through its robust infrastructure, open policies and continued commitment to the sector’s growth.

Fastest customs clearance in the GCC

  • <60 min

    truck turnaround time at Khalifa Bin Salman Port

  • <3 hrs

    Container clearance time

  • <24 hrs

    Customs clearance at King Fahd Causeway


Amount invested in transport and logistics infrastructure across a number of sectors

Air cargo access to all GCC countries within 1 to 2 days

(USD mn) Combined license, land rental, manpower, visas, utilities costs

Bahrain International Airport: accessible, connected and capable

  • 10 min

    From sea port

  • 51

    Global destinations served by 38 airlines

  • 2734 t

    Cargo moved per year

Cost-effective operations, a liberal economy, a robust infrastructure and a strategic location: Bahrain is your ideal logistics centre for the GCC and beyond.

Advanced infrastructure

Bahrain has everything you need to set up manufacturing, distribution and industrial services in one place – Salman Industrial City. Bahrain continues to invest in its transport and logistics infrastructure as part of a USD 33-billion programme of investment across a number of sectors.

EDB Bahrain provides comprehensive support for logistics businesses setting up and operating in Bahrain.

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A highly advantageous base in the heart of the Gulf

Bahrain offers a powerful proposition for the transport and logistics sector, positioned as a gateway to the region offering modern infrastructure, competitive costs, strong human capital and an evolving regulatory environment.

Liberal regulatory environment

In Bahrain, a foreign investor can retain 100% ownership in most sectors and benefit from the region’s lowest taxes.

The lowest operating costs
in the GCC

Operating costs and port storage fees are 40% lower than in neighbouring ports, including Dubai, Sharjah and Qatar.

Free storage and movement

In Bahrain, you get free storage time at the Seaport for 11 days and free movement of capital for select manufacturers of goods made in Bahrain.

The Gulf’s most capable
talent pool

A commitment to superb education means that Bahrainis are smart, commercially focused and bilingual.

Fast-track exports and goods

Bahrain’s port offers the most efficient processing and transhipment of trade goods in the GCC.

Rapid access by road,
sea and air

At the heart of the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain puts you in a unique position to export directly across the GCC, the Arab region and beyond.

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