Offshore your BPO operation to Bahrain and see it thrive

Bahrain offers a compelling case for BPO: the sector is growing at a projected CAGR of nearly 13% from 2013 through 2020. Regional demand continues to rise, with over half of GCC companies outsourcing some of their processes or IT to reduce costs.

How to set up in Bahrain

An environment built to make BPO thrive

Bahrain’s liberal, well-regulated economy and business-friendly commercial environment make it easier to set up here. Established companies can take advantage of 100% foreign ownership with full repatriation of capital, profits and dividends; an easy and well-balanced way of life and a central location with advantageous connections.

Financially attractive, cost competitive

68% of expats enjoy a higher disposable income while in Bahrain, with seven in ten also finding it easier to save

An enviable expat lifestyle, ranked fourth ahead of Germany, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Switzerland

Pay the lowest taxes in the Gulf

The foundation for BPO success

Together, these factors provide reassurance your business can depend on.

Enhanced customer service and increased conversion rates

It is regionally where employees come into their own: Bahrainis share the same Arabic accents and cultural references as their neighbours.

Valuable assets when dealing with global customers

Here, Bahrain wins conclusively: we offer the region’s most highly-skilled bilingual workforce.

A pioneer of ICT market liberalisation

Bahrain ranks 29th in the world for network readiness, with an ecosystem of ICT service providers, tech developers and channel partners.

How a highly skilled workforce, cost competitiveness, and business-friendly environment made this company relocate to Bahrain.

Invaluable for BPO: Bahrain has the most liberalised ICT sector in the GCC.

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