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Bahrain’s ICT market is expected to continue to grow at a brisk pace due to a high demand for IT products and services from both the public and private sectors, driven by sizeable eGovernment and eCommerce initiatives aimed at achieving economic diversification.

Strong infrastructure

  • 1st

    in MENA

  • 11th


Source: ICT infrastructure evaluated by the United Nations E-Government Survey 2016.

  • 3rd

    globally in Government
    ICT usage

measured in terms of importance of ICT to govt., online service quality & success in ICT promotion.

Source: WEF 2016 Global Information Technology Report


Bahrain ICT annual revenue growth, projected to reach USD 2.7 billion in 2020 (International Telecommunication Union 2016)

  • 4

    Undersea cables

  • 2

    Terrestrial cables

  • 30+

    IT service providers

  • 4th

    globally in mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 people

  • 5th

    globally in mobile phone subscriptions per 100 people

Source: WEF 2016 Global Information Technology Report

Discover Bahrain’s strengths, sector by sector

Bahrain offers an ideal location for ICT companies to access the fast-growing Middle East and GCC markets across key sectors.


Software As A Service



Bahrain ranks 1st in MENA for ICT penetration at the individual usage level, and 14th globally among 139 economies. (2016 World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report)

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Making ICT business opportunities easy

With an annual growth greater than the rest of the GCC, it’s no surprise that Bahrain has the best ICT infrastructure in the entire Middle East and North Africa region. The ICT market is expected to reach USD 2.7 billion by 2020, the fastest growth rate in the GCC.

Robust ICT infrastructure

Ranked first in the Middle East and North Africa region for ICT infrastructure, Bahrain has exactly what global industry leaders need to set up a base in the region’s freest economy.

Institutional readiness

A thriving ICT sector needs a firmly supportive government to make it expand and advance. Bahrain leads the entire region in eGovernment development and ranks seventh in the world.

Extraordinary rising demand

Bahrain ranks in the top ten worldwide for mobile subscriptions, internet users and broadband subscriptions.

Commercial freedom

Bahrain’s ICT sector was fully liberalised in 2004—the first in the GCC to do so. A highly liberal economy, Bahrain allows operation of your business with minimal red-tape.

Bahrain’s TRA is stimulating demand for value-added services and driving broadband development, and has been recognized by The World Bank as at the forefront of Arab countries in liberalization of telecommunications sector.

The elements in place to make your business thrive

Bahrain has long been regarded as one of the Gulf’s technological pioneers. With its open and forward-thinking approach, Bahrain has proven to be an ideal environment for ICT investment and new ICT companies setting up regional bases.

Government support

Bahrain’s government has adopted a liberal approach towards internet regulation and has invested heavily in ICT infrastructure and education.

High skills and availability of staff

Over 45% of employees in the ICT sector are Bahrainis, reflecting the highly skilled domestic workforce.

Tamkeen, your ICT partner

Tamkeen, a semi-governmental organization bolstering the private sector, offers training, support programmes, grants and funding for the ICT industry.

Global agreements

Bahrain was the first in the GCC to sign an FTA with the USA, showing its deep commitment to open exchange and longterm opportunities in the outsourcing of software development.

Low costs and taxes

In Bahrain, we believe in reducing your expenditure, so that you operate cost-effectively. Total operational costs are 30% lower than in other GCC hubs, while business premises offer excellent value.

Attractive investment environment

Foreign investors can retain 100% ownership in most sectors, benefit from the region’s lowest taxes and freely repatriate capital, profits and dividends.

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