A global Islamic Finance Pioneer

Bahrain is recognized as the global leader in Islamic finance. We set the benchmark early for Islamic banking regulation by establishing the Bahrain Islamic Bank in 1978, and have nurtured the concepts, rules and standards of Shari’a compliance ever since. In this way, we are able to cater for the needs of both mainstream Islamic finance and the new breed of FinTech entrepreneurs who offer Shari’a-compliant products.


Shari'a-compliant stock market index, est. in 2016


Globally in Islamic finance regulation


Central bank to
develop and issue Sukuk


Globally in
Shari'a governance

MENA’s most influential Islamic Finance Centre

Bahrain is home to the region’s largest concentration of Islamic finance institutions that deal in almost every area of Islamic finance, from asset management and sukuk issuance, to Shari’a-compliant insurance and reinsurance.

25 Islamic

19 wholesale, 6 retail: the region’s highest concentration of Islamic finance institutions

8 Global Islamic Bodies

Bahrain’s Islamic finance bodies create an unrivaled knowledge hub that bolsters the industry

USD 25.7bn
in Assets

Total Islamic banking assets held in Bahrain, making it one of the region’s largest

USD 167.7mn in

Gross contributions of Takaful firms (Islamic insurance)

Take advantage of a powerful ecosystem and expanding market

Significant market expansion opportunities

Trends show that the Islamic Finance sector is projected for at least 150 new financial institutions in the Muslim world by 2020.

Among the world’s top ICT infrastructures

FinTech businesses can take advantage of the Middle East’s freest ICT infrastructure backed by progressive regulatory framework and policies.

Benefit from a highly specialised local workforce

Numbers speak louder than words: Bahrainis make up more than 62% of our 14,000+ strong financial services workforce—an impressive leading majority in the GCC.

Discover how Al Baraka leveraged its position in Bahrain to be selected as a ‘Top Global Growth Company’ by the World Economic Forum, for exceeding industry standards in revenue growth, promoting innovative business practices and leadership in corporate citizenship.

Bahrain’s financial sector has been developing for 40 years, making it the GCC’s oldest and largest.

Learn why Bahrain is the best place for finance in MENA

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Islamic Finance Development Index

Bahrain continues to lead the way.

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Bahrain for Islamic Finance

Get more information on Takaful and other aspects of Islamic banking in Bahrain

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